Soaring High works closely with a number of associates who all
share the same passion and commitment in offering an
outstanding service to children and young people as well as their professional networks.

As a group of associates we offer a wide range of experiences,
skills and knowledge thus ensuring that a bespoke tailor made service is offered by the most appropriate associate or associates within the group.

Each associate also holds professional liability insurance and is registered with the appropriate professional body.

Emma Pearce

Emma is a qualified social worker with eighteen years experience within social care and eight years experience within health (CAMHS). Emma works within a systemic and attachment model and applies her therapeutic skills to consultations and training that are offered to professionals within social care, education and health as well as working therapeutically with children and young people using Theraplay and DDP.

Linsey Sidebottom

LMS Social Work Services ltd

Linsey is a qualified social worker with extensive experience of working within health (CAMHS) and social care. Linsey uses a wide range of therapeutic approaches including DDP and Theraplay and has specialist experience and knowledge in completing social work assessments that include Kinship Care and Form F Assessments.

Dr Zoe Webb

Zoe is a qualified clinical psychologist with nine years experience of working with young people and families, seven of which have been specifically within CAMHS. Zoe works individually, dyadically and systemically, typically within an attachment model. She can offer therapeutic interventions including DDP, Theraplay, CBT and EMDR. Zoe is also able to undertake psychological and cognitive assessments as well offering consultations, training and supervision to parents, carers and other professionals.